Draw in the Blanks by Mike Cope

Draw in the Blanks is an all-ages webcomic that celebrates YOUR creativity! Based on drawing exercises I originally created for my cartooning workshops, each comic strip is missing some important details… It’s up to YOU to draw in the blanks! Use your imagination and whatever drawing tools you prefer, but most importantly, have fun! Try it more than once, challenge family members or friends. Everyone has their own unique imagination, so part of the fun is sharing all the different solutions. You can like/follow and share your completed Draw in the Blanks on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Download a JPEG or printable PDF of Draw in the Blanks activity sheets in full colour or as a black & white colouring page… A new comic strip added each week!

#0001 – Balloon GirlJPG | PDF

#0001 – Colouring Page – JPG | PDF

#0002 – Mad ScientistJPG | PDF

#0002 – Colouring Page – JPG | PDF

#0003 – Monster FamilyJPG | PDF

#0003 – Colouring Page – JPG | PDF

#0004 – Baseball BatterJPG | PDF

#0004 – Colouring Page – JPG | PDF

#0005 – Magic GardenJPG | PDF

#0005 – Colouring Page – JPG | PDF

#0006 – Frog FoodJPG | PDF

#0006 – Colouring Page – JPG | PDF

#0007 – Sand CastlesJPG | PDF

#0007 – Colouring Page – JPG | PDF


Teachers & librarians are welcome to print/photocopy Draw in the Blanks as-is for classroom use and educational purposes. These drawing worksheets make a great literacy building and visual arts activity. Can be used as an icebreaker, a warmup, or a fun cool down after a long day! Encourage your students to study what’s happening in the comic strip, identify the blank(s), then brainstorm different possibilities. I’d love to see what your students draw, so please consider sharing photos or scans of their work. Email: drawintheblanks@copetoons.com


Draw in the Blanks are created and © copyrighted by Mike Cope, and may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission. You may make download and share copies of the webcomic activity sheets as-is, but may not host them on any public or private server. Alterations to the original artwork and artist’s signature is strictly prohibited… But you are welcome and encouraged to Draw in the Blanks!