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Editorial cartooning (a.k.a., political cartooning) is not something I actively pursue as a cartoonist, but over the years, there’s been a few times (okay, maybe more than a few!) when drawing an editorial cartoon has allowed me to vent (*ahem!*) express my opinion on a current affair—usually in a humorous manner. The subject matter of my editorial cartoons have included local, provincial, national and international commentary. The following are a selection of editorial cartoons that I’ve sold on a freelance basis to our local daily newspaper, The Hamilton Spectator. I’ve included a brief description of the issue/event I was commenting on to help provide context … Enjoy!

Hamilton-based steel company, Stelco, is purchased by Bedrock Industries... Yes, that's the company's name!
Hamilton city councillor proposes a Beach Crawl party. Meanwhile, Lake Ontario's record high water levels are actively eroding and closing said beaches.
Hamilton city councillors vote to spend $5,000 every four years to buy commemorative rings for outgoing members of council.
Hamilton's old East-West running Canadian football stadium, Ivor Wynne, is demolished and replaced by the North-West aligned Tim Hortons Field... Tiger-Cats fans can hunt for visual homages, including Pigskin Pete!
Ontario's Ministry of Education modernizes its Sex Ed curriculum, but some conservatives find it too radical for the classroom.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) President Jedi Sam Hammond leads a rebel teacher strike vs. Ontario Education Minister Darth Laurel Broten's Putting Students First Act (Bill 115)... Yes, I'm a Star Wars nerd!
The world reacts to the United States President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.
Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, takes selfies with unsuspecting Canadians while showing off his six pack. American President, Donald Trump, hides from the press and tells the world what to think of him.