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Jeremy Fisher Junior – Highway to Spell (Children’s Music) | COPETOONS.COM
Jeremy Fisher Junior – Highway to Spell (Children’s Music)

Jeremy Fisher Junior – Highway to Spell is the debut children’s music album from Canadian JUNO-nominated and award winning folk singer, Jeremy Fisher (available on CD & Digital from Hidden Pony Records). As a parent with young children, this project has been a true joy to work on. My roles & responsibilities have included: album artwork & design, cartoon character animations (“Turtle & Guy” official music video + “Jeremy’s Jams” educational piece), merchandise designs (t-shirts, onesies, egg shakers), and colouring page design.

For the album cover design, Jeremy asked me to draw him as a cartoon character wearing his signature performance attire (including the red and blue striped shirt, jeans, and white canvas shoes)… Of course, I also had to caricature his signature curly hairstyle! For the rest of the cover’s design, Jeremy suggested something with a mixed-media, textured feel. This immediately made me think of the coloured chalk drawings that my own kids love creating on our driveway and sidewalks. As I listened to the album’s music, I was inspired to create little cartoon characters based on the different song titles and lyrics. One of the great things about Jeremy’s music is that he doesn’t talk down to his listeners. Even though his target audience is young children, I found myself enjoying his music and was reminded of the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin… And so, I rough pencil sketched and proposed my idea to Jeremy and his team at Hidden Pony Records & Management, and I’m happy to say they loved it.

The Jeremy Fisher Junior cartoon character can also sing and move…

Jeremy Fisher Junior – Turtle and Guy (above) Official music video for the Jeremy Fisher Junior song “Turtle & Guy” from the album Highway To Spell, out now on Hidden Pony Records. I was responsible for the cartoon character animation of Jeremy Fisher Junior, as well as the video’s editing and production design. The chalk drawing animations were created by Emily Jeffers using traditional hand-drawn animation.