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Reader’s Digest Cartoons | COPETOONS.COM

I sold my first gag cartoon to Reader’s Digest Canada in May 2006. Ever since, the majority of my cartoons for them have been about kids saying the darndest things, thus featured in the magazine’s “As Kids See It” department. Humorous cartoons involving children are always fun to write and draw, though I have sold a few involving adults (and even animals!). Here’s a selection of some of my favourites that have been published over the years in Reader’s Digest books and magazines… Enjoy!

“My late grandfather was a loyal Reader’s Digest subscriber, and I still remember reading the magazine’s cartoons when visiting him as a kid. When they started publishing my own cartoons, grandpa saved every issue. Thankfully, he had a sense of humour when I caricatured him in the cartoon above!”

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