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WebVoyagers Educational Comics | COPETOONS.COM

WebVoyagers (a.k.a. “Les Adventuriers du Web”) is an educational comic series that I illustrated for The Canadian Reader, a classroom-ready current events resource for students in grades 3 to 5, published by LesPlan Educational Services Ltd. of Victoria, British Columbia (Canada).

Each 3-page story was written by award-winning Canadian children’s author, Vivien Bowers, and featured siblings Lily, Patrick and Christopher who travel to different locations in Canada by pressing the ‘Enter’ key on their magic computer. During their adventures, they find out more about a Canadian region or place, then return home with a press to the ‘Home’ key—fictional characters situated in real life history, science, geography and Canadian culture.

The series appeared regularly from 2008 to 2013. A total of 40 different stories.

Apple Harvest

ABOVE: Chris and Patrick visit the annual apple harvest in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley.

“One of the fun creative challenges I experienced while designing each story’s page layout was figuring out how to visually incorporate the various maps and infographics in ways that helped propel the main story and lead the reader’s eyes from panel to panel.”

Mike Copecopetoons.com

Arctic Circle

ABOVE: Chris and Lily witness the Summer Solstice at the Arctic Circle.

Ice Time for Polar Bears

ABOVE: Lily and Patrick learn about polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba.

Sgang Gwaay

ABOVE: Chris and Lily meet a Haida Watchman who teaches them about the cultural history of SG̱ang Gwaay.


ABOVE: Chris and Patrick follow a Search And Rescue (SAR) Squadron in action.

Wild and Windswept Sable Island

ABOVE: Chris and Patrick visit Sable Island.

Dark Skies

ABOVE: Lily and Patrick learn about the constellations in the dark skies above Alberta’s Jasper National Park.

Bowie Seamount

ABOVE: Chris has a whale of a time scuba diving with the Pacific Ocean’s underwater life.

Paddling with the Voyageurs

ABOVE: Chris travels back in time.

The North Pole

ABOVE: Lily volunteers with a team of Santa’s Helpers at the North Pole.